The Significance of Sam Nabil’s Online Counseling Services, Therapy, and Life Coaching  


Patient sitting on couch listening to his therapist

Online counseling, therapy, and life coaching have been proved by several controlled studies to be effective in providing sufficient psychosocial support to different kinds of clients with severe emotional problems such as depression stress and anxiety. The primary focus of this form of counseling is to equip its clients with necessary skills and tools to enable them to resolve and break free from the grip of emotional challenges inherent in any relationship or even marriage such as depression, anxiety, stress as well as past trauma. All one needs to jumpstart this process is a laptop with Skype installed (free download) also the processes are convened through email to work out a convenient time and then connect through Skype to begin a session. It is amazingly simple, and what is more amazing is that the Skype video-call service is free.

Online Therapy is in fact much less threatening than an actual visit to a therapist’s office, online therapy is mainly a combination of both life coaching as well as counseling. Here the client is offered quality control of the whole process. Since this form of therapy can be conducted in any environment, it, therefore, enables the client to connect with their feelings which is fundamental for effective therapy.

In addition to that, online life coaching allows for the coach to alternate between being a life coach, a counselor as well as a therapist. The coach will have to present sufficient advice and instruction that is critical in resolving any painful emotions at the core level. He will, later on, provide mental techniques to help clients solve their problems by connecting with their emotions. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Counseling, go to

Online therapy/counseling/life coaching is essential as if offers a comfortable environment to interact with the therapist. The counselor takes much effort to provide sufficient answers to any questions during a session or through an email. Each of the sessions has to provide tangible improvements noticeable to the clients as it is what decides the rightfulness of any therapist.

The other and most significant one is the issue of price. Online therapy is considerably less expensive compared to traditional therapy sessions. Usually, courses cost roughly about $70-$120 per hour, which is much cheaper. The only challenge is that only few insurance companies can pay for these services since it is not much established. Also, note that most online counselors mainly demand pre-payment for sessions while others call for post payments. Visit this homepage to know more!


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